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Peter Doman LLB QUB 1976, Patrick Barr LLB QUB 1985, Dermot Bowes LLB QUB 1986,John Magee LLB QUB 2000

About Us

Peter Dornan & Co. Solicitors.. that's exactly what we are. Solicitors, who provide advice, guidance and assistance on a very wide range of legal issues that can affect your daily lives. We do not employ para legals, legal executives or conveyancers, opting instead to service our customers with solicitors with a combined wealth of experience.

Conveyancing   house
On the house purchase front we will check the title to the property you are buying and obtain from the vendors solicitors all the required searches and property certificates to ensure everything is in order. Most purchases involve a mortgage and here we liaise with your lender to ensure purchase monies are available at the required time. When acting in the sale of property we will provide title deeds, searches and property certificates to the purchaser's solicitor. We will attend to the redemption of any mortgages secured on the property. More often than not we will handle simultaneously your sale and purchase making sure, with the correct releasing of contracts, that you end up with the desired property. 
Our conveyancing service also includes remortgaging work whereby we will handle your new mortgage instructions, secure your new advance and redemption of your existing mortgage.

Personal Injury claims And Road Traffic Accidents crash
We have operated a well organised and professional service in this field for twenty years.
This involves corresponding with the insurance company of the driver responsible for your accident, arranging for you to be medically examined, arranging for your vehicle damage to be assessed and, if needs be, organising appropriate car hire. If your injury involves a period off work and, as a consequence, a wage loss, we will pursue this on your behalf. If negotiations with the insurance company are not productive then we will take formal court proceedings to bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion. All of your legal costs will be paid by the culpable defendant insurance company.

In cases where the accident is not your fault there is absolutely no need for you to instruct an insurance company nominated firm of solicitors on the basis that the services of these solicitors, with whom you have no relationship, are free
Your costs will always be covered in such instances by the defendant insurance company.

 Other Accidentscrutches

Much of what we have said above relates to other accidents such as  injuries sustained at work and public liability claims eg., trips and slips. Two of the partners in the practice have considerable experience in also advising insurance companies on personal injury claims and accordingly we offer an experienced and well balanced perspective on the merits of client's claims.

Criminal (including on-call emergency representation at PSNI Stations)

All four practitioners regularly appear in the various criminal courts operating in Northern Ireland namely the Magistrates Court, the Crown Court , and occasionally, the Court of Appeal. We operate an on-call rota system whereby we can be contacted by police should clients be arrested outside normal office hours. We attend police interviews and operate with a select number of experienced criminal barristers whom we brief at the appropriate stage to represent your interests at court.


A large number of people still fail to take the simple, inexpensive steps required to spell out their financial
wishes following their death. We can provide advice on
the appointment of executors, guardians and the appropriate distribution of your assets. Here it may be necessary to consider the possible implications of inheritance tax. Again, advice is available. We regularly call with clients at their home if they are not well enough or fit enough to call with us.

The correct and proper distribution of deceased persons assets usually requires a. formal application to the High Court for either a Grant of Probate (if there is a Will) or Letters of Administration (if there is no Will) and correspondence to various financial institutions to quantify and eventually liquidate the estate. We will attend to all of the above and, if required, convey property previously belonging to the deceased. Once the estate has been finalised we will distribute assets appropriately.

Separation And Divorce 
Marital breakdown involves a whole host of legal issues such as maintenance, child care and the distribution of matrimonial assets 'such as property savings and pension provision. Again this is an area where we have extensive experience handling cases covering couples with limited assets to those with extensive savings and property portfolios.

Child Care And Contact
Relationship breakdown frequently  leads to problems with custody and contact with children. Dermot Bowes is a member of the Children's Order Panel and, with one of his colleagues, provides experience and guidance in this area of law which also involves "Care Proceedings" instigated by the local Health Care Trusts.

Non Molestation And Domestic Orders
The Family Homes and Domestic Violence (NI) Under 1998 is a vital piece of legislation dealing with domestic violence. The Order enables the victims of domestic violence to seek formal protection from the Court against further incidents of domestic violence and if appropriate actually exclude or remove a person from a property. These Orders are granted by the Magistrate's Courts and we have considerable experience in dealing with this field.

Liquor Licensing wine
Having now handled the licensing requirements of no fewer than ten
bars and restaurants for some years now we offer a comprehensive range of services from protection orders, renewals, transfers, the granting of new licences and general licensing queries.

Commercial Transactions
Here we are able to offer advice on the sale and acquisition of businesses and the implications of commercial leases in terms of duration, rent, reviews, permitted usage and repair and yield up' clauses.

If you think your query is legal then contact us and we will advise if there is anything we can do. Likewise, we can attend to the simple signature and witnessing of documents on your behalf.

 Legal AidLegal Aid
We deal with a substantial Legal Aid work load. We will immediately advise whether or not you may have entitlement to Legal Aid and make the appropriate Legal Aid application on your behalf.

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